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What day is Rex Manning Day?

Obviously, I went directly to google, but from prior experience I knew I wouldn’t find much. This movie was nothing but a blip on Hollywood’s radar but as time has passed it’s been gaining some cult momentum.  Over the years I’ve found myself flipping through channels and getting stuck watching a young Liv Taylor & Renée Zellweger and remembering good times while listening to the soundtrack.  Each time I was always left with the question,  what day IS Rex Manning day?  So weather it’s just age catching up with me or the fact that I have more tools at my disposal, I set out for the definitive answer.

As I searched around I found that Rex Manning day is treated by many as just a fun F’it day to be celebrated whenever it’s needed.  But we want to know the real fictitious day, so here are some dates I found before I watched the movie AGAIN. (1995: 4/1, 4/8 & 4/15 1994: 4/2, 4/9 & 4/16 ) (May 6th & April 12)

Wikipedia points out that the original release  left 40+ minutes on the cutting room floor.  Maybe it was for this reason or  a more troubling reason,  the fact that the day was always suppose to be ambitious.


Watching the netflix version, Empire Records: Remix! Special Fan Edition, I found the answer in short order.  In the beginning when Joe arrives at the store he pauses by the front door where a Rex Manning event poster is proudly hung.

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And the answer is!  Saturday April 8, 1995. It’s small, but on a large” TV it’s sufficiency legible.  Set your calendars and make your cupcakes, we now know what day Rex Manning day is.

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So everyone is talking about how Justin beiber got arrested. Honestly, there are more serious things to discuss. This 8 year old boy saved 6 people from a fire and died trying to save the 7th. This 8 year old boy gave his life trying to save his family. We should be paying respect to this brave soul instead of talking about some idiot getting arrested. The media disgusts me.