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What day is Rex Manning Day?

Obviously, I went directly to google, but from prior experience I knew I wouldn’t find much. This movie was nothing but a blip on Hollywood’s radar but as time has passed it’s been gaining some cult momentum.  Over the years I’ve found myself flipping through channels and getting stuck watching a young Liv Taylor & Renée Zellweger and remembering good times while listening to the soundtrack.  Each time I was always left with the question,  what day IS Rex Manning day?  So weather it’s just age catching up with me or the fact that I have more tools at my disposal, I set out for the definitive answer.

As I searched around I found that Rex Manning day is treated by many as just a fun F’it day to be celebrated whenever it’s needed.  But we want to know the real fictitious day, so here are some dates I found before I watched the movie AGAIN. (1995: 4/1, 4/8 & 4/15 1994: 4/2, 4/9 & 4/16 ) (May 6th & April 12)

Wikipedia points out that the original release  left 40+ minutes on the cutting room floor.  Maybe it was for this reason or  a more troubling reason,  the fact that the day was always suppose to be ambitious.


Watching the netflix version, Empire Records: Remix! Special Fan Edition, I found the answer in short order.  In the beginning when Joe arrives at the store he pauses by the front door where a Rex Manning event poster is proudly hung.

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And the answer is!  Saturday April 8, 1995. It’s small, but on a large” TV it’s sufficiency legible.  Set your calendars and make your cupcakes, we now know what day Rex Manning day is.

3 thoughts on “What day is Rex Manning Day?”

  1. oh shoot. You know, 5 years ago I started celebrating Rex Manning Day, trying to get it an official holiday (spread the word!!) . At the time, I could not find any documentation on when Rex Manning Day was (no large flat screen and I’m not sure I had a copy of the extended version yet…). I’ve been celebrating it on October 20, the date the film was released. I have to admit I am a little sad to find out it’s in April, and I’m not sure what to do about the date….

  2. It’s December 8th, a day that is the B-day of Jim Morrison, and the anniversary of the deaths of John Lennon and Dimebag Darrell. It’s a celebration of the legacy of music day.

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